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PRODUCTS > Low Voltage > Power Capacitors Type RG-2
 Power Capacitors Type RG-2
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The capacitor are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of the latest IEC Publication No. 831 and JIS C 4901

1.    Installation:            Indoor
2.    Ambient temperature:        -25◦C to + 45◦C
3.    Altitude:            Not exceeding 1,000 meters above sea level

1.    Type:                RG – 2
2.    Rated voltage:            230,400,415,440, 525 volts (rms). Capacitors rated at other voltage are also available upon request.
3.    Rated output in kvar:        See the tables shown on page 4.
4.    Rated frequency:        50Hz or 60 Hz.
5.    phase and connection:        Three (3) phase and delta. Single phase units are also available upon request.

1.    Discharge device:        The capacitors are provided with an internal discharge resistor which will reduce the residual voltage from the peak value to 75 volts or less within a maximum time of 3 minutes after they are disconnected from the source of supply.
2.    Protective:            The capacitors are also provided with a pressure sensitive interrupter which will, in the event of an element failure, sense the build-up of pressure within the capacitor and interrupt the internal connections, disconnecting the capacitor from the circuit before rupture can occur.

1.    Type RG-2 capacitors are made with specially processed metalized polypropylene film impregnated with non-PCB oil which has proved non-toxic and environmentally compatible.
2.    The capacitors are normally designed to suit for mounting in vertical position with bushings on top.
3.    The capacitor container is coated with non-corrosive poly-urethane resin enamel in Munsell color notation 5Y7/1 to extend maintenance free service life.

1.    The capacitors are capable of withstanding the operation at the following over voltages for the maximum duration shown below.

Maximum Permissible voltage vs Duration
 Voltage Factor (x rated voltage) Maximum duration                  
 1.10           8 hours max in every 24 hours   
 1.15  30 minutes max in every 24 hours  
 1.20  5 minutes max x 2 times max in a month


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