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PRODUCTS > Digital Motor Protection Relay (DMPR) > Intelligent Motor Controller
 Intelligent Motor Controller
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Operating condition
 Inverse  Over 110% setting current  1~60s/1s  600% standard operating time
 Definite time  Over 105% setting current  1~60s/1s  Delay time 1~200s
 Phase fault  Over 70% current phase unbalance  Within 1.5s  
 Phase unbalance  Current phase unbalance 30~50%  Within 5s  
 Reverse phase  Reverse the current phase  Within 0.1s  Over 110% minimum ratings
 Under current  Rating current 30~70%  Within 3s  
 Stall  Rating current 150~300%  Within 5s  Detection after over 
 current setting time
 Locked rotor  Rating current 200~700%  Within 0.5s
 Ground fault  The current rating 0.1~2.5A setting  0.05~1.0s  Ground fault delay operation
 Pre-alarm  Over 120% setting value
 Bar-LED blinking




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